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The pandemic has been tough on children around the world, and we believe they may deserve special treatment without a special occasion.
Surprise toys are still hot right now, and the most sought after like the teddy bear and stuffed animals the dollhouse even unwraps. The most favorite large dollhouse set remains very popular, and the latest L.O.L. The doll hangout remains at the top of the lists. Hatchimal, Die-cast Cars & Trucks, Barbie Malibu House, Make-up Toys, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Inflatable Balloon, Toy Trucks will also stay at the top of the list.

Lepin Bricks & Building Blocks

LEPIN has also created a great name in the best choice for all brick fans. They have an almost full range of lego series, i.e. (Lego marvel super heroes, lego jurassic world game, lego star wars, lego cars, lego robotics kits, lego mario, lego jurassic world & many more) with the best quality and the price not expensive.

So what trends can we identify among the hottest toys of 2020? Children always love to be surprised: mystery unboxing, blind bags and collectible surprises are still a hot topic this year. Water is also a hot new ingredient in toys, and you can find many items that transform or change color when soaked in liquid. And kids always love getting their hands dirty, playing with compounds you can crush, squeeze, or stretch.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that kids today are very lucky when it comes to toys. The toys that came out this year are incredibly innovative, designed to spark their imaginations, empower them to become their favorite characters and teach them everything from STEM concepts to socio-emotional learning. Did we mention they’re also incredibly fun to play? From toddlers to teens, this year everyone will find a new toy that will become their favorite toy.

Environment Sustainabil

Parents will be happy to know that environmental sustainability is also becoming a buzzword: Plant-based plastics are on the rise, as are toys whose packaging is either recyclable or reused as part of a set. This way, you don’t have that extra layer of guilt if you come home with one too many toys in your basket – and who can blame you when they’re all so fun!

ECO Friendly

Environmentally friendly toys are safe for the environment because the materials used to make toys are natural, biodegradable and recyclable.

For example, the use of water-based paint in these toys reduces chemical waste and is safer for children. There are environmentally friendly toys for every age.

No matter what age you buy toys, we are sure to receive toy gifts, even the pickiest children can be satisfied. Check the below button to see a selection of the most popular holiday toys during the gift season.

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